I will be your social media marketing manager


I have been working in the following fields for 4 years. I value communication greatly and like to build my business relationships in a friendly yet professional way. I always try to improve my professional skills because I really enjoy my work and I’m devoted to it.



About the Gig

Here are some of the things I can help you as a Shopify Store :

  • Store Management– Order fulfillment, Inventory management, running sales for you
  • Product upload–  Searching top winning products, Uploading new products and updating collections with SEO
  • Social Media Management– Creating content and managing your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest page.
  • Email Marketing– Setup Email Campaign to market your products and services
  • Installing Shopify Apps like Ali dropship, oberlo, modalyst etc.
  • Create Coupon Codes– Offer Discounts to customer, run sales by creating coupon codes on Shopify.
  • Photoshop– Banner Image, Product image editing, creating image for digital marketing.


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